Hey guys, hope you all are well.

I have a question about acoustic amp use: If I were to plug an electric guitar and a high gain distortion pedal into my father's acoustic amp, would I totally wreck the thing, or damage it in any way? Because I accidentally screwed up my bass amp by plugging a guitar into it, and wasn't sure if something similar would happen with an acoustic amp.

The reason I ask is that a close friend is driving 1000 miles to hang out with me and we wanted to jam together, but he doesn't have room for his amp in the car.
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I didn't think you could mess a bass amp with a guitar. I know guitar amps can be destroyed with a bass from the low frequencies but I guess the same is for the higher frequencies?

I'm really not sure about electric into an acoustic amp though... I'm pretty sure you can use acoustic guitars in electric amps even though it sounds crappy so maybe? Just to be safe it might be better to ask a friend or something if you could borrow their amp for a little while/
Its not advisable, i wouldnt do it. With high gain there is a larger signal going through and i dont think the amp would handle it seeing as it is made for an acoustic guitar which i think might not have such a large signal.
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Should be okay, I have used an acoustic amp lots with an electric. Awesome clean tone with a strat. In my experience a distortion pedal might sound bad, it was a DS-1 though. I would guess this is related to the tweeters, too much treble for distortion, not sure though.

An effects processor with amp modeling might be better since an acoustic amp is designed to reproduce a relatively uncoloured tone.

In response to Oosh. - An acoustic guitar has active pickups so output shouldn't be a problem, try plugging one into an electric amp, it should be able to drive the input more than many electrics.
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So if I just skip the hi gain pedal, you think it would be a safer bet? Just plugging an electric straight into an acoustic amp won't screw it up?
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Yeah, it should be fine.

What pedal and amp are you talking about?

I'd have to get back to you about the amp, all I know is that it's meant for acoustic guitars with pickups, but pedal I'm using is a Danelectro FAB Metal, the cheap 15 dollar one that still makes great sound.
you will be fine running whatever pedal you want into it. My buddy's only amp is an acoustic amp and he hasn't ruined the amp yet.
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