Looks fine, try keeping all the notes at the same tempo though when practicing speed. Not like the first half 8ths and the rest 16ths or something. Also it might be an idea to get your thumb a bit more under the neck for bigger stretches..
pretty good man, you're better than me at sweeps atleast

(also you remind me a bit of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, which is awesome)
Do those same sweeps, but with alot of distortion on so any inneffective muting on either of your hands is picked up (it did sound like there was unwanted string noise on alot of the sweeps, it just doesnt show up on clean)

Otherwise, pretty damn good
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you sir, look like a genuine guitar stud. nice work!
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There are times when unwanted string noise is picked up, so work on your muting a bit more. Get your thumb behind the neck.
Other than that, sounds great.

EDIT: Oh, and with the tapping, try to clear up some of that unwanted noise to be cleaner.
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thanks for all the comments I never knew I had an issue with my thumb, but I'll try it differently after work tomorrow cheers!
It sounded like there was a ton of noise and notes ringing into each other, which is absolutely not what you want. Slow it back down and work on that muting.
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^^ what they said.

Put up 1 with distortion if you can.

Would give a better view.

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I can hear alot of open strings there, slow it down and work on your muting with a bit of distortion, too much will cover up the mistakes but just enough will really bring out your mistakes when it comes to sweeping.
Yes basically what everyone else said. Slow it right down. People forget that with sweeps you want it to sound like you're playing a nice even smooth scale, just with the right hand doing the sweeping motion. You don't want the strings to ring together.