Well title says it all.. What is the best FREEE recording software.. that isn't audicity cause when i use it it sounds all crackaly... unless there is somthing i'm not doing right.. i plug it into my microphone port.. and it records.. just when distored it all crackaly like it is to loud for audicity.. my 75 watt spiderIII is as low as it can go when i do that..

any help?
Im pretty sure there is already a stickyed thread like this
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It costs like ten dollars a gram
try turning down the db in audacity or the imput settings ? turning down your amp will help but you have to turn it down in the program as well, the recording metor at the top if it goes into the red will be distorted. dunno if this helps or not
a 75 watt amp might not be the best for using audacity. although audacity isn't the best thing to use anything. garageband and mixcraft are your best bets. easy to use, sound good.
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Get Reaper. It's basically just like all the pricey commercial sequencers. It's technically an evaluation I think, but when it runs out you can still use it for free. but a license is only like 20$ or so to buy...well worth it.

Also the cracking probably has nothing to do with your sequencer...I'm not an expert but that probably has to do with having a ****ty soundcard. I'd recommend getting an interface, I used to use a line6 toneport ux2, got it for about 200$ at the time but I bet its cheaper now. Easy to use, sounds good for the price. Plus, then you'll be able to DI the guitar instead of micing your amp which, if you read here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1131250 sounds pretty much amazing.

what mic are you using?
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You definitely want to get an interface then. Like I said, check out the toneports. I used a UX2 but if you want a cheaper option, you could even go UX1. http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-UX1-with-PF?sku=250003 I'm pretty sure its the same as the UX2 but with one less instrument and mic input. And it doesn't have phantom power but if you're just starting out, it'll get the job done. Run that into REAPER and you're basically set.