Ok, not sure if this is the right place for this but thought id just go for it lol.
But anyway I have a fender standard tele that i fitted with a fender licensed bigsby unit. Im trying to restring it with d'addario 10's which the shop fitted when they put the trem unit on. the high E and B strings go on fine but when i try to put any others on the ball end slips off the post on the tailpiece, what do i do lol? Thanks in advance.
a how to string from gibson, looked good.

String up the Bigsby right, and set your guitar up to maximize the Bigsby’s function. When loading new strings onto a guitar with a Bigsby tailpiece, first bend the last inch or so of string at the ball end to curve it to the diameter of the Bigsby’s roller bar; the barrel of a pencil or pen, or a wooden dowel or tool with the appropriate diameter will do for this. Load the ball end onto the Bigsby’s roller bar’s retaining pin, guide the string in a straight line over the bridge saddle and pull it rather tightly toward the nut, and clamp on a capo to keep it in place while you load the tuner. Load the string at the tuner using a self-locking technique (unless you have locking tuners anyway): this is achieved by threading the string through the tuner post hole, then pulling it half a turn clockwise back upon itself for the three bass-side tuners (counterclockwise for the treble-side tuners), then bending the string up under itself where it first enters the post hole before winding it onto the tuner. This will prevent slippage at the tuner post during vibrato use, and help to improve tuning stability in general. Wind the string up to pitch, then pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and pre-bend it by tugging it firmly but carefully away from the guitar all along its length. It will be out of tune again, so bring it back up to pitch, pre-bend it again, and keep repeating the process until it holds its pitch relatively well. Repeat for all strings. If your Bigsby unit has a tension bar that the strings pass under before reaching the bridge, be sure they are aligned in a straight run from roller bar to tension bar to bridge saddles.

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