Hi guys, so ive been playing for about a year and 3 months and ive been studying mainly rock metal and blues, however i am also starting some other stuff like jazz.
Basically i would like to try and get some solo gigs at restaurants playing some nice easy to listen to blues-rock fusion improv, but i don't really know what kind of gear im expected to use. Do I need a mixing system for backing tracks? do i need my own physical backing tracks as opposed to things i can download? Is my 50 watt tube amp enough or do I need extra audio speakers ( they wouldnt even be large spaces im playing in). Anyway, thanks alot for your help in advance.
My suggestion would be to get a loop station.

A 50 Watt tube is fine for small coffee shops and stuff, a venue you'll probably want at least a half stack. Sound really depends on the place your performing at.

Back to the loop station - They cost about 250 I think, They come with plenty of drum tracks to improvise over. You can create your own backing tracks on them, and if thats not what you want to do, LINE 6 offers a very large variety of pedals and studio mixers that you can download effects and backing tracks on.

You should probably go to guitar center and screw around with gear that fits your style, see what you really want.
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