All right, so right now in my fender jaguar there are 2 pickups: an SH-2 and an alnico II pro by seymour duncan. problem is, the SH-2 sounds quite louder than the alnico one, so i'm wondering if there's any way to make the alnico sound louder within the circuitry ?

sh2 is in the neck and alnico in the bridge, if it makes a difference
^already did that, didn't change much..

also, i don't get much of a bass response, so i'm guessing i soldered something wrong when i did it... i'm currently regrounding it, maybe that was the problem (my iron is warming up right now)
if that doesn't work, i don't know what will though :
then lower the sh-2?
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Quote by apak
then lower the sh-2?

Exactly what I was gonna say

Also, the Jazz is a hotter pickup most likely. You have the Alnico II in the bridge, right?
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