So I found this used 2005 Les Paul standard goldtop on craigslist, and the guy is asking $1350. The guitar seems to be in perfect condition, like new. But is it a good buy, I mean is the price good for a 4 year old guitar?
That's a great deal for a Gibson Les Paul Standard! They go for like 2500 new!
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I'd buy it, I would definitely play it first though, make sure it actually sounds good.
Very good deal, but you HAVE TO PLAY BEFORE YOU BUY. Gibsons have bad Quality Control so make sure its not a bad one.
get a serial number to make sure its not a fake too, cause half price is alot off :P and send me the link so i can ninja it out from under you XD
Check to see if there is anything off about the guitar, also play it to make sure the neck is good.