I don't have much recording gear, and I know it may be a setback, but I still don't understand this. I have my Brian Moore into my 10 band eq into a Boss PS-5 which goes stereo into a Pocket POD and through my Roland and the other way goes through my 6505. It sounds Gigantic. When I record it sounds like it's a freakin 1x4. I have a 1980's radio shack mic going into the back of my computer which goes into audacity. Your first impression may be that the problem lies therein, but there's more. My friend was messin around at my house and recorded some stuff out through the speaker of my computer and it sounded fine. I've tried real double tracking with different amps, artificial double tracking with reverb, light chorus, light delay, incredibly slight out of tuneness. and still it sounds like a mini amp. It sounds like a monster in the room ESPECIALLY when I turn it up to like 2. what teqhniques should i try and what should i look into buying.
double check the mic volume on your computer is turned up and everywhere else
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run it through a dB meter. Just cuz it sounds loud on your computer does not mean the original signal is loud enough. This happened to me, then i realized the signal was coming in at -30db.
thx but the thing is my stupid mic doesnt have volume so it's topped out no matter what it's coming in at. I've pushed my amp until the signal clipped even, audacity has an amplify effect which I always use, so I don't think that can be it. I'm not sure I know how to get correct ambient reverb, if anyone else knows how I'd like to know.