With the arrival of my Vetta I now have a long lost amenity- a headphone jack. Suffice to say that my parents get a bit miffed when I decide to have late night practice sessions. Yet, when I turn the volume down low enough to satisfy them, I can hear the steely jangle of the strings (Stupid reason to buy headphones? Possibly. Do I care? Not at all.)

So, it seems like a great time to take advantage of this headphone jack like a homeless man would a tranny hooker. The only thing is, I couldn't imagine the headphones sounding better than the two Celestions packed into the Vetta combo. So something with great sound quality is a MUST. My budget is anything under $200 (I know, not a lot, but there has to be something that would sound nice) and it would have to come with the 1/4'' adapter to plug into. Thanks guys.
Sennheiser HD280 Pros are only about $100 and I couldn't be happier with mine. We also use them in the theater I work at to monitor when we record orchestras and such.

1/4" jack that screws off for a 1/8" one.

I shall not give up! These are some of the best headphones you can find in that price range, as long as you don't mind open sound.
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