So i've had this hand-me-down Yamaha Pacifica 102S sitting around for over a year, and i'm finally doing something with it...

I'm thinking i'm going to do a holland theme, in honor of my dutch heritage...
(here's a poorly done photoshop mock up)

For anyone who's wondering, the name on the pickguard is the name of the person who gave me the guitar, a good friend of mine.

Once i get the painting done, i'm going to be repairing the wiring in a tele style. Two single pickups, 1 tone/1 volume, 3 way switch.

Anyone know where i can get just the wiring, pots, and switches? i have the pickups...

Any suggestions are welcome, as it's my first customization...
Am I the only one who read the title to be some sort of sex move?

Seems just a bit gaudy, but if you can pull it off better IRL then in photoshop, I'm sure it'd be snazzy.
haha... i'm aware of the crappy photoshop job... i was using GIMP and i don't really know how to work it...
What happens if you flip the colors? Maybe an orange body and blue pickguard would be look better. And why don't you put the King Lion on the pick guard instead of the name? It would look more creative and original.

Wire can be had from any hardware store. I hope some checks this, but I think 18 gauge and above is good for the wiring. You can get pots and switches on stew mac, guitar fetish, allparts. Just google it, and you should find some.
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You should definitely put the lion on the front of the guitar rather than the back.
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needs moar white on the front for the red/white/blue thing, the back looks nice though