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12 86%
Sir bass-alot
2 14%
Voters: 14.
Here is the blue team for round two of bass wars VI!

Profile: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/...c/albums/652323

Snake - I can see the smoke Talk
Sir bass-alot - Ties are made for Suicide

Like before, leave constructive criticism and vote for your favorite!

Red team poll:
Last edited by RozzLe at Jul 26, 2009,
Sir Bass Alot suffered because of lack of other instruments... and the bass needed more...... emotion? I'm not sure, the track didn't really hook me in any way.
Snake's piece however was atmospheric and something you could sit down and actually LISTEN to. It was a bit repedetive however and could have used more dynamics i.e. instruments coming in or dropping out at different times or people playing louder or softer in places.

Over all great effort all round!