So I watched I am Sam last night and it inspired me to play this song . I made a few vocal mistakes but hopfully it wont ruin the whole song. Constructive critisizm is welcomed, Im always trying to improve my voice as I know it needs tons of improvment.

Have a listen!


Crit for crit. Thanks.
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love it, your voice really complements well ^_^
And the guitar, love the attack on the strings, it's just a pity of all the background noise 8*(
also were you using a pop filter for this?

Though maybe not in your best taste as far as genre X_X

But ...C4C? PC Game - Doom 2 ost cover

also made a YouTube vid of it if you feel like hitting it up 8D
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Hey thanks for checking out my song. I haven't been "formally" singing long really. I actually just signed up for vocal lessons — my first one is tomorrow actually haha. I like your voice in this cover, it suits it really well. It's a bit breathy at parts, and your falsetto had quite a bit of vibrato in it. If that was the intended effect, then it went well. Your playing is great too, though I'd probably like to hear it a bit more in the song as a whole. All in all, this is a solid performance. A better recording of it (a bit less hiss and white noise) would be very enjoyable!
Haha well getting a decent mic is a good start! If you don't have an audio interface with XLR ins, there are plenty of decent USB microphones to work with. Shure and Alesis make some good all-around USB mics that would be suitable for guitar and vox. Then, with whatever program you're using to record, you can apply a gate or, optimally, a noise filter. If you don't have that option, try turning the input volume down and bringing the volume up later with any form of compression/limiting you can.
Sounds really good. The only bad things are the background noise and maybe you could hold a few notes a little longer, but that's really just looking for something to improve. I had to turn my speakers up a bit to hear it at first.

No C4C.
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I like it, both the guitar and voice sounded really good. Though towards the end your singing started going a little off pitch, but it wasn't too noticeable. Also whatever was making that annoying high pitched sound throughout the whole thing was very distracting, maybe just overall improving the recording quality would help it a lot. Overall 5 stars!

C4C? Just pick one on my profile. Thanks.