Okay, So this girl and I were dating for almost 6 months now. We broke up 8 days ago because I felt I kept hurting her becasue I really was! But I didn't everr do it on purpose! Before when we firsted started going out, I had been very nice to her for like 4 months then the last 2 have been sh*tty. I treated her badly not intentionally though, and she still wants to be with me but at the same time she doesn't because she wants someone to make her happy, and I still wanna be with her but I just wanna make her happy too! So I've tried to change in the past past week and I 've been doing all this stuff to help me and her!

Well, here's the thing! I have a tendency to give up really really easily and change my mind about things! And I kept my mind straight for 5 days and I was a d*ck to her on the phone friday night, and yesterday morning I changed my mind and said I didnt wanna attempt to make ammends with her so we can be happy again. And then she told me how I changed her and she loved me all over again and she told me when she gets back from Cali. we were going to get back together, but I screwed up again... And i screw up A LOT!

She keeps giving me millions of trys because she really doesnt wanna get over me, and she wants to be with me but I dont make her happy anymore. But she wishes that I could make her happy.

So today, I asked her for another chance, and she said i can try but she thinks ill just giveup again, so she has no faith in me. And she thinks its not important to me.

So what I'm asking is, how can I make it seem important to her that i will try again!? And do you have any ideads, Pit, for me to change the way I think so that way i stop changing my mind and hurting her even more. And what can I do to make it up to her so we can be together again? She told me I have to start over from scrap because I said a lot of stuff to influence her decision to get back with me, so yeah what can I say and do so i can increase the chances of us getting togeth again? PIt please help me!?

And Ladies out and about in the Pit, can you especially help me!? Your women! You know what you want from men! Help meh please!?

If you need mroe info ill be glad to inform you some more!
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There is a relationship thread and it needs you!

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Sure I'll help you by directing you to the relationship thread.
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