Ive found a used one in my area for $600. I'm looking for a higher-gain amp and have heard good things about this. This a good deal?
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I should mention, this is $600CAD
Mah Gear:
Ibanez RGR420EX
Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo
Yamaha F-310
Kustom Arrow 16DFX
Then I will take that as a good deal, still try and offer him a lower price, if not, $600 isn't bad
Offer a bit less.

There's one a CL by me for $500 US... I'm tempted..
I have a huge fear if rays.
I'd take that in a heartbeat, I live in canada and everything is more expensive, take it.
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I just bought one, it's amazing...If you have any questions about it, let me know. I got mine for 700 so 600 is a great deal. I suggest going to www.eurotubes.net and buying new tubes for it once u buy one so you're starting fresh with new tubes. They have packages to completely retube the combo for about 100 dollars. If you look you'll see there are many options of which tubes to buy that will give you different sounds, I went with the high gain option for tubes and it is definitely worth the money. I haven't found a tube amp that sound better for the music that I play, no pedals needed, just pure tube distortion.
That's a good deal in Canada for sure.

I'm not really too fond of the combos myself, the heads sound better IMO, but for that price, you really can't beat it!
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