Back again after testing out more amps and still looking. Lately I've been on a Rivera kick and have been really digging their stuff.
I have been looking at the Quiana, Fandango and Suprema

I can get a Suprema for about $950 and a Fandango for $1200

I have been listening to clips of both and can't really tell that much of a difference between them, I've read their specs and controls (Besides the Quiana being a 6L6 amp and the other two El34 amps.) It seems like the fandango has a little more gain than the Quiana/Suprema and is voiced a little more modern than the vintage voiced Quiana/Suprema.

Has anyone played any of them??
Could anyone tell me some of the differences between them????
Is the fandango worth the extra money???

I'll be playing a lot of bonamassa, Clapton, SRV and Classic Rock(Deep Purple, VH) stuff and it seems like these amps would really fit into what i want... I tried a lonestar classic and it was too polite and smooth in the drive channel to get into the bonamassa marshall territory. It was also rather dark for my taste.
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Never played a Rivera but check out the Budda Superdrive 18 or 30.
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