Unfortunately, by the time i had played this beautiful guitar, i learned that it had been recently discontinued.

The guitar center near me has two left, both for a price of 1649. Its a great price for the guitar, but since theres only two left, and im still lookin for a job,

Does anyone know of any place that still has some in stock, preferably in NYC or the new jersey area?????

Thanks a lot.
craigslist/ebay ftw.
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Quote by Austin_Scharosc
craigslist/ebay ftw.

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Yeah, Craigslist, Ebay you name it, you'll find it. The Classics are excellent guitars I must say myself.
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i know ebay and craigslist r gonna b the best place to look, but even if the seller emphasizes a million times that the guitar sounds great, im just worried that it may not u know?
Yea great guitars especially if you can get one with the slim 60s neck profile. I have an 07 and it is a great guitar. $1,649 is a great price to considering they were going for around $1,800 when I got mine new. I would try and call up Altos music in Middletown NY they have a pretty huge stock of Gibsons. Actually they have a pretty huge stock of everything.
I'd worry about it when you have $1600. Also new old stock sits around quite a while. GC isn't the end all to guitar supply. In NY, Manny's is a good one.
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