Can anyone enlighten me on

A: if it is possible to change inlays but keep the same neck

B: where to get inlays from (jackson style sharktooth)

for those wondering, i can only afford the JS30KV, which has dot inlays, and i just think the sharkies look soooo much cooler, hence wondering if its possible.
you could change the inlay, but it would have to be bigger than the inlay already in the neck or else you would have to fill the holes from the previous inlay

check stewmac.com or warmoth or something for inlay and inlay making things

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not unless you paint them yourself.
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They aren't done with paint dude.
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Basically if you cant afford the upgrade you arent going to be able to afford the inlay work. Inlay work is expensive figure several hundred. And may not work so well as the existing dots wouldnt be covered by the shark inlays so either would need bigger inlays or a way to fill where the dots were. If you want an economy shark inlay the vinyl stickers is the way to go.