I just got a new acoustic, and the thing is kind of bright. I'd like to even out the sound a little bit by getting some mellow sounding acoustic strings. I'd like the gauge to be light or medium, because I'm more used to electric guitar, but other than that, I just want a warm/mellow sound and long life. The guitar is an Ibanez EW50MPSENT, with a solid monkey pod top, ebony bridge and fretboard, and it's an acoustic-electric. Any help is appreciated.
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I personally use D'addario Chrome Flatwound strings. They are a little different in texture (super easy to slide) but are nice and mellow. They have a decent life as well
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i think if you leave the strings a while, they'll go duller in tone naturally, but if you wanted a more mellow sounding string, i heard martin strings are good for that sort of tone.
Let the strings break in for a few days and see how it is.
Some mellower strings... Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Bronze, DR Sunbeams, DR Rare, Martin FX, Martin SP+
If you want really mellow you could try the D'addario Flat Tops or the Silk and Steel strings.
the d'addario silk and steel are a good bet

i have them on my guild M20 and get some gourgeous nick drake sounds
Black Diamonds sound very nice and balanced after a few days, I would give them a try.
Martin SP Light or Ultra Lights also have a very good tone and there not as high as the Black Diamonds.
Alot of Ibanez acoustics come with 80/20 strings, just try some Phosphor bronze ones.
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Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

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the silk and steels and black diamonds extra light phosphor bronze are also very good bets for a little less brightness. phosphor bronze strings are less bright in general, and in my experience extra light strings seems to be a little less bright than lights or mediums.

something else that would get rid of some of the brightness would be to change to a real bone nut and saddle.