Again, not sure on the genre.

I was really pushing for a 5-6 minute song with this one (which I did not reach), so I'm specifically looking for parts you think I could expand/add on.

I'm also unhappy with the ending, so I would greatly appreciate advice for a better outro. And when I saw I am unhappy with the ending, I mean I like the riff it ends with, I just don't think it ends the song right.

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The Interlude is by far my favorite part.

This isn't really my cup of tea, but it is really cool for the genre itself, the intro was decent, but it didn't really shine until the chorus, which was amazing.

The interlude, the part with both guitars, jesus, I love those riffs, and then the NOT a solo part...sounded like a solo...I guess vocals could kinda cover up some of the awesome shred, I dont know why, it is an awesome little solo.

7/10 I wish I could help, but I really dont write like this, sorry.

Yes, poop.
I don't know if you've ever heard of Emery, but this really reminds me something they would've done on their first album.

I pretty much loved this, I love seeing people using unconventional time signatures, especially when they use them effectively. I honestly can't tell you to change anything or expand anything. Sometimes you just have to leave a song how it is for it to be most effective, even if its not completely how you envisioned it.

As for the ending, what I personally would do for this song, is after bar 158, go into a somewhat heavier riff reminiscant of your earlier riff at bar 135. (not that exact one though, The triplets probably wouldn't jive with the riff before it.) Something to really close this powerful song with a bang. Play around with it.
Reminds me of Aspiration by After the Burial aha. Really nice stuff, keep it up!
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