I had my mim strat set up at gc and the action was waay too low and the frets were buzzing. So I asked the guitar tech to keep raising the action to fix the problem.

I've been playing a few days and I've noticed that there is still some buzzing around frets 2-3ish on some strings even though the saddles are almost as high as the screws on the a,d,g strings. Is this a truss rod problem? I bought a service plan (bad idea?) so I can always take it back and have it fixed for free.
well, if your stuck with GC as your only option the service plan was good, but you'd be better off taking it to a local shop, GC employees are usually low paid teenagers who don't know a whole lot

its probably the truss rod, but I'd take it in until they get it fixed right, maybe throw a fit and ask for free gig bags or strings or somethin stupid like that
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never tell a tech how you want the problem fixed let him fix the problem but only specify how you like your action, tuning, and pickup height.
otherwise a tech will only do what you tell him to do.

what you should of said to the tech is it`s buzzing at fret (X) can you sort it i normally tune to (insert your tuning preference) i use string guage (Y) i like my action (high/low) and i want the pickups (close to/far away from) the strings my music style is (z)

from what i`ve heard about GC you`d probably get a generic setup anyway.