Hey all. So, I started building a pedal board a little over a week ago, and I pretty much finished it this morning. However, I happened to think of a different layout for my effects, and now I've got room for another pedal. I've got some spare money that I can afford to spend, now I'm just wondering what kind of effect to buy. I've done a little bit of research on several pedals, but I could use some input from people who have used these pedals.

I play mostly classic rock, and am kind of aiming for a Gilmour-ish tone. Also, I'd like to stay at a price range of $200 or lower.

Here are some of the effect types/specific pedals I've been considering:

Compressor: I don't have any sort of compressor pedal right now. I've tried both the EHX Soul Preacher and the MXR Dyna Comp. Wasn't a fan of the Soul Preacher. Didn't get to use the Dyna Comp much. I know some people feel it sort of squishes their tone. A local music store has a used Barber Tone Press for $100 in fairly good shape, though I haven't tried it yet. Is that a decent compressor? And if so, how does it compare to the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone? Also, I know that compressor's can be kind of noisy, and I don't have the room to put a noise gate on my board right now.

Delay: For delay, right now I use either the delay from my amp, a Fender FM212 DSP, or that from a Digitech RP80 Multi-effects unit; neither of which is all that great. Somewhere down the road, I do plan on buying a digital delay (either a Line 6 Dl4 or a Digitech Timebender), but as of right now I don't have the money or the space on my board. I've watched a couple videos of the MXR Carbon Copy online, and it seems pretty nice. Now, is it useful to have both an analog delay, and a digital delay, or would that just be a waste of money? I don't want to buy the Carbon Copy or some other analog delay, then buy a digital one and never use the analog delay again. Would I be better off just buying a really high quality analog delay like the Empress Superdelay?

Overdrive: For overdrive, right now I use one of the british settings from my amp, and it gets the job done alright. That being said, I wouldn't mind investing in a ts-808 tubescreamer or some other overdrive.

Any advice on any of those pedals, or any other pedal suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Barber Tone Press is good. The Philosopher can give you sustain for days. Check out the Diamond comp too, it's great.

Don't buy the Carbon Copy, it's okay at best, but EHX is coming out with the Memory Boy which should kill it, and be $50 cheaper.
if you really want that gilmour tone get the Dunlop Uni-Vibe, it's what gave him the classic leslie rotating speaker effect

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Boss Flanger, super phaser, or if all else fails, you cant go wrong with a Cry Baby
Mitchell?: Thanks, I'll look into the Diamond comp, see how it sounds. I'll check out the EHX Memory Boy too, see if it's got a better sound.

LesPaulFan58: I do love the leslie sound. Now, in your opinion, is the Dunlop Uni-Vibe better than the Boss Rotary Ensemble, about the same, or worse? I've played around with the Rotary Ensemble before, and I have to admit, it is a very cool pedal.

EllttEll: I bought an EHX Small Stone Phase Shifter a while back that gets the job alright, and I own a Vox wah, though I've never been too impressed with it. A Flanger would be nice though. Thanks.
the dunlop is better, dunlop has the uni-vibe just like the original, plus to me the boss rotary ensamble sound good but is too synthetic.

"blues is easy to play but hard to feel"
True, the rotary ensemble is not the most natural sounding effect. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for the dunlop.
Quote by LesPaulFan58
the dunlop is better, dunlop has the uni-vibe just like the original, plus to me the boss rotary ensamble sound good but is too synthetic.

"blues is easy to play but hard to feel"
I suggest putting that quote in your signature so you don't have to retype it every time you make a post. Go into the Control Panel, click "Edit Signature", and type it there.

For overdrive, I suggest picking up a BK Butler Tube Driver for a classic rock. Very nice pedals in my opinion. TS808s wouldn't be as good for Gilmour in my opinion.

I'd pick up a digital AND analog delay. They give different sounds. A Boss DD-5/6/7 would be good, or the Hardwire DL8. Analog, you could go for an MXR but I was never impressed with them. I would personally pick up a DMM, unless you want to wait for the Memory Boy for a budget analog delay.

Compressors in general are very different from one another. I'd go out and find one you like. They don't start really getting decent until over $150ish though. The ones you mentioned are very nice though.

For classic rock in general, I'd definitely look at fuzzes. Barber Trifecta Fuzz, Fuzz Factory, Analogman Sunface, London MJM Fuzzes, and BYOC fuzzes are all worth a look. For Gilmour, I'd definitely want a chorus pedal. You could get a Small Clone for $80, or find a used Boss CE-2 MIJ. Alternatively, you could pick up an Analogman chorus and you'll be set for life. Amazing chorus pedals.
What pedals do you have already?

About having an analogue and digital delay, I think at some point I'll be doing that... digital for really long delays, reverse delay, tap tempo, etc. and then analogue for everything that it's able to do.

I just realized I'm American and don't spell analog the American way.
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Aidan: Man, I would love a Butler Tube Driver, but they're way out of my price range right now. Perhaps sometime in the future. I'll keep in mind what you said about the 808. The Memory Man is a bit more than I'd like to spend for a delay without tap tempo, but I think I will wait for the Memory Boy to come out and give that a try. It looks to have some more features than the MXR Carbon Copy, and may even be a little cheaper. As for fuzz, I think I'm gonna go the BYOC route with that; however, I don't have the time or the know-how to construct one properly right now, so I'm gonna hold off on a fuzz for now. A better chorus I could certainly use though, and, aside from the Soul Preacher, I've been pretty content with EHX pedals. Next time I'm in a music store, I'll check out the Small Clone and a couple compressor pedals. Thanks!

ChrisBW: Sorry, I should have posted what pedals I have already when I made this topic. That was foolish on my part. My gear should show up in my signature now. Glad to hear that others don't think it's a waste to own both a digital and an analog delay; your reasoning is about the same as mine, digital for all the features it can do, analog for its natural warmth.
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