Okay, so my buddy has a Squier Strat he got in a starter pack 3 years ago, and for whatever reason he doesn't want to wait for his birthday to get a new guitar. So he wants to mod his Strat.

I don't want to talk about anything about the appearance of his guitar, just the electronics.

He wants to replace the pick guard with a HSS combo pick guard.

He plays metal, metal, punk rock, metal, hard rock and more metal.

He likes Duncans and hates EMG's. Who knows a good combination for his guitar that would fit his playing needs?

He's also considering to replace the tuners with locking tuners or replace the bridge with a nicer one. The guitar stays in tune fine and I told him getting a new bridge would probably give him more sustain and wouldn't get out of tune from slamming on the whammy bar.

So to sum it all up, locking tuners or a new bridge? And what pick up combo would fit his needs?

I heard of the SuperV or something a while ago. Its like a floyd, a direct drop in for a strat style bridge, and comes with a locking nut. $70.
Im not sure how well it works though. Maybe an option to further research into?
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First off do you know if the guitar is routed to fit HSS i've seen a few squiers that are routed SSS so you may want to check it out. With regards to pickups how much is really wanting to spend?

Now why doesn't he get both and a new nut as well just to make sure that he has the best tuning stability (provided everything is set up right)