Can any pit monkeys think of old (60s and 70s) songs or bands with the kind of intensive double-bass drum usage (like steady 16th note rolls and whatnot) that you hear in more modern metal bands? 80s only count if its not metal, because of all the speed, thrash, and early death metal.
i think a lot of stuff from the who does
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Yeah, I was gonna say The Who.
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John Entwistle once in a while. I had to try to find him when I saw The Who two years ago.

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butthose bagpipes sound awesome.
Double bass drums were used initially by jazz artists such as Ray McKinley and Ed Shaughnessy in the 1940s and 1950s, and popularized in the 1960s by rock drummers Ginger Baker of Cream, Keith Moon of the Who and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd[10].

there ya go
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Blue Monday.

I know it's sequenced.


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Frank zappa's drummer had like octave double bass going on
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Frank zappa's drummer had like octave double bass going on

By this you mean Terry Bozzio?
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Check out Cozy Powell. He did some pretty insane drumming the band Rainbow. I think Stargazer has a double kick