Hey guys.
Would anyone know how to remove vocals from a mp3?
I tried to do it on audacity and it didn't work.
When I did it all sound was removed.

Does anyone have any ideas?
First of all, it has to be split stereo, if its symmetrical (you hear the exact same thing in both ears) it's impossible to do easily.
Thanks for the info so far guys.
But if there is anyway that I can do it.
Let me know.
Or if you know how I'll link you to the mp3.
You can remove everything that's panned left or right, and solo the center stuff. So in your song the vocals were probably panned not center.
Well people got the completely wrong idea when they heard the guitar hero master tracks without vocals and taught that you could just remove the vocals using some kind of software software,

removing the vocals in audacity doesn't really work but it means you can hero the rythm guitars a lot better but everything turns to mush, theirs a great video on youtube showing you step by step how to do it
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^holy ****. Can you do that with Drums and bass too?

No, at least not on my mixer. Its my guess that because the vocal frequencies are unique from most instrument frequencies, the vocals are the easiest thing to remove. However, there is a slight change in the guitar tone whenever I remove vocals as the guitar shares some of the vocal frequencies.