So a local music shop is hosting an open mic night near my house. My band played an original and got a great response. We were thinking of playing a cover next time (which is probably next week) so i was just wondering what the Pit would think would be a good, moderately easy (were a 3-piece band) cover song in the metal genre to do?
We were thinking something pretty well known like some older metallica or maybe slayer but any suggestions are helpful.
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Do a harder, rougher, more Metal version of Ball And Chain by Social Distortion
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3 piece as in guitar bass an drums? Anyone sing? Older metallica maybe something like For Whom The Bell Tolls, my personal favorite.
I'd suggest doing punk if you want something easy to play and sing.. if your instrumental, hmm, I'd go with slayer... i can see their songs working better without lyrics.
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If you want something without vocals, and can pull it off: Call of Ktulu-Metallica. So badass.
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I'd suggest doing punk if you want something easy to play and sing.. if your instrumental, hmm, I would not go with slayer... i can see their songs working better without lyrics.

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if someone is singing, for whom the bells toll is a great piece thats easy as hell. its even better if your bassist is good enough to "solo up" the intro like they do live. i do it in my three piece band and it works great. Guitarist and i both sing chorus and he does verse cuz its really easy on the guitar part.
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immortally insane by pantera.
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Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood
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Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood

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Wow thanks for all the suggestions guys, really helpful
our bassist and drummer sing(atleast on our own written songs, my guitar riffs tend to be more involved than to sing with atm)