Hello, My name is Hoovington. I'm cofounder of a band entitled Zergoth. Me and my fellow band mates live in different parts of the world. Our drummer :Killer of giants: Attends school and doesn't have the time to dedicate his drum proging skills any longer. We are currently in the works creating a CD, Everything is already funded and we have somebody who does the mix/mastering. We need somebody who has the love for metal, is versed in Drumkit from hell, and can do some killer drums for our tracks. Somebody willing to dedicate some time to our cause of just making some good metal.

Finished work going on upcoming CD. Following songs will be fixed volume wise for consistencey upon cd release.

Revengence - http://s3.amazonaws.com/1K6M3Y5WPCNJ6M657A02.kompoz.p/u9374-20090518-091551.mp3

Strange Stuff -

Death Uniform -

The Drive - :Unmixed:

So now that you had a taste of what we are about. Simply reply if you are interested, or send a message my way to zergothband@yahoo.com

If interested I will send a demo with a drum reference track, and then one with guitars/bass only to see what you can do.

If you can record drums live, and have it be of good quality, then bonus.
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****ing right it can be man. I'm not too keen on what goes into drums, But I know that they just can't be premade loops unless it's a midi than that should be ok. Because when it's being mixed/mastered the drums sound will be replaced with a more realistic tone. <--- I hope that made sense.

Whats your email? and can you send any projects/work you have done drum programing for?

We have plenty of songs finished fyi. Others include but not limited to* these are definantly going on the album. I'm working on the 2nd one and will be doing vox later today for it, vox for unlikley force is also in lyrical stages.

Unlikley force

Psychological Defense

I can't stress enough that this is a serious project, Not looking for short term. Dedication to do your best, even if your not the greatest is a must. Fyi, Jose our mixer/master will replace your drum midis with a more realistic sound, So don't worry if it doesn't sound too realistic.



Guitars/vocals all have been recorded sep, and layered so that anything and everything will be mixed proper bass/lead/riffs etc. So don't worry about us not having the guitar only track, or a guitar only with click track. Everything is thought out and adding drums has been made easy for those willing to try out.

And to those wondering about live drums, and why we arn't searching? Well people who have electronic drum sets are ok. It's just the likleyhood of finding a drummer with profeshional quality recording equip would be pretty hard. That and the current songs that are finished would stand out a great deal. As half the album would then different from the other.

Website is in the works. www.zergoth.com

Yes we have a logo*

And yes we are real people... haha

Carlos' He currenty resides in puerto rico, moving to the states-

and myself, who currently lives in Upper Michigan.
<--- dude on the right me

I'm done blabbing away ><
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My email's are muckypup1@gmail.com and vai@usa.com. So do you want midi files of the drums i would be making for you? and do you want a sample of what i can do?


That link should take you to a drum track of Meshuggah's Future Breed Machine that i made.