I'm considering moving up to 10's for string size but am a bit nervous about it. How big of a difference is it really? And I play(or attempt to) a fast 80's shred kind of style, should I even consider it because I heard most shredders stick with 9's anyways.

P.S I have a floyd rose so switching strings just for the fun of it isn't that fun for me :P
10's are nothing. You might have to build up some strength in your fingers to be able to do wide vabratos and bends but to be honest, 10's really do sound alot better then 9's
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I can tell the difference, but it's not big enough to cause a problem.
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I cant play 10s unless the action is very low because i have had rsi so it fatigues my hands very quickly when shredding. What i do is have a guitar tuned 2 steps down with 11s on and just use a capo for any normal tuned stuff. This way the string tension is a lot less...flamenco players to the same thing.
..."jump"? I change between 9-11 all the time. Good variety.
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