Hey guys,

My band, Hotel of the Laughing Tree has been pretty busy lately. In January, we recorded an 8 song EP with Josh Silverberg in Nashville, TN. We have a few songs up on our myspace now.. http://myspace.com/hotelofthelaughingtree. We were also featured on an absolutepunk exclusive, so for a certain amount of time, you can stream our CD 'Old Dominion' for free here: http://www.absolutepunk.net/artists/showlink.php?do=showdetails&l=19072.

RIYL : The Dear Hunter, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, Thrice.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Whoa, I was expecting a crappy recording, but they sound really clean. I must say, I rarely enjoy what I come across in here, but you guys have some cool stuff.
I just put Arts 'N Economics on and I was like, oh yeah.

I would say that this isn't the genre I predominately listen too, but I still really like your stuff. A lot. Keep it up!