Hardcore band from Bucks County PA. Awesome heavy heavy stuff.. basically if you could do "tough guy" hardcore but give it more emotion and less cheesiness. I'd say thats a fair description. Anyway, these are some rough mixes of two of their three songs they have recorded. I got a guest spot on the third song. Check this band out.

I also like them, I mean nothing really stands out about them to me, but i couldn't fault them.
Apart from the vocals; they sound fantastic in terms of his voice, but it's too quiet, as if they aren't even treating the vocals as a primary instrument.

But still, would like to hear more.
They did DIY recording at their guitarists house and I mentioned to him that they should make the vocals a bit louder. I think Jake is redoing the first song as well since he said he also wasn't too happy with them. So hopefully when they are all done/mastered it will sound sweet.