my fellow gentlemen and I are having a bbq of most triumphant excellence and we need an insane recipe for something delicious. and we have already done the bacon explosion many a time. commence recommendations!


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Put some meat on the grill and then apply sauce.
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grill a tuna steak and maybe put some citrus fruit squeezings on it, if you dont add it it tastes like a tender steak
This isn't a barbeque recipe but it will do. Alright now pay attention, first you take the graham, you stick the chocolate on the graham, then you roast the 'mallow, when the 'mallows flaming... you stick it on the chocolate. Then cover with the other end. Then you scarf. Kind of messy, but good!
Go to your local gas station and get some nachos.
Go to your local buffalo wild wings
or that tasty taco in your avatar pic will do just fine ^^
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Human Child (ages 3-8): Makes 1-4 servings.

1. Get a human child, I suggest a school, daycare or playground.
2. Fill up child over course of a few days with all the food you like and your friends like.
3. Grill that sucker up on bbq!
4. Make sure inside temp. is 175 with meat thermometer.
5. Sprinkle favorite herbs and spices.
6. Serve.
Something I've always wanted to try is chicken slathered in applesauce on the grill. Chocolate syrup over something grilled would make for a great dessert, but I'm not sure what you could put on the grill with chocolate.....I'll have to ponder on this.
French Fries+ BBQ Sauce. It is all you need.

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i think you need to be more specific, what meet do you have what sort of style would you like to cook, blah blah then we shall help
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Use the internet which is sitting in front of you to look up some awesome BBQ recipes?
call me Shelby

this is yummy yummy and my own invention.

get your chicken (wings, and drumsticks work best) and rub it in oil, and chicken salt (normal salt works fine too)
make a foil try tip thing and pour a little coke in it
wack the chicken in the tray, then on the barbie
make a little foil helmet for the chicken and put that on top
every five minutes, take the coke from the tray and paint it on top of the chicken.

it is totally yum and no dishes!
Take what ever you normally make at your BBQ. BBQ it, then deep fry it, then dip it in nacho cheese sauce.
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Put some meat on the grill and then apply lots of SPECIAL sauce.


Ok honestly.

Aluminium foil
Medium sized onions (the kinds that are about half the size if your fits)
LOTS of smoked fat streaky bacon
Lots of different cheese (I typically stick to rich yellow mozzarella cheese, the milkier the better)

Halve the onions
Cut tin foil to square shapes that'll allow you to wrap up the onions.
Take away the inner 3 - 5 layers (approximate to your liking)
Cut a small chunk of the cheese and place it into the hole in the middle of the onion
take 2 to 3 streaks of bacon and wrap it around the onion and cheese completely
Put bacon wrapped onion on the centre of the cut square foil, and wrap the foil up.
Throw it into the coals or charcoal
cook until onion is soft, typically 20 minutes to half an hour or so.
Remove and serve hot.
Onion should be soft, sweet, dripping with cheese and smoky bacon flavor.
Add different sauces to taste.

If you're using those advanced BBQ machines... I'm not sure how to adapt the recipe for that style of cooking. It tastes the best after the charcoal are red hot embers.
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