My friend wants to start a band up with me, and he has what I think is a B.C Rich Metal master and a spider II 30 watt amp... I think it's a metal master because of the red tribal flames on it, but he said he only paid $200 for it and the amp from guitar center, and from my understanding the metal master is $300... are there any other tribal flame bc rich's? Anywho, his current set up sounds like dog ****... He was thinking of just getting a new amp, but i'm pretty sure his bc rich is pretty garbage too, should he also invest in a new guitar? Or is the bc rich a good enough guitar?
The fault is always more with the amp than it is with the guitar. Tell him to upgrade the amp first and foremost, then maybe down the road get another guitar. Another guitar will not likely alter his sound much, but a proper EQ and/or a new amp most definitely will.
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The thing that makes that guitar half the price it is, is the paint.

But yes, new amp, then new guitar.