really interested in a "tube preamp pedal"
this thing needs brutal distortion
been looking at the "demonizer" or the "twin tube mahem"
$$ not an issue, i want the best
any suggestions on other pedals or thoughts on the ones i mentioned would b appreciated
thanks guys



How about these?

Now, regarding it bringing the Br00tulz, I don't know if tube pres are the way to go as a stand-alone pedal. Maybe for added warmth and boost, but you may want to look into combining a tube pre with a solid state high gain pedal, such as this:

Mesa V-Twin or Bottle Rocket?
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Dont go for a tube pre in a pedal. Only rackmount, and only rackmount that has an onboard transformer? Why is htis you ask?

A tube actually runs quite high voltages. Most pedals only run at 9 volts, now, most of these pedals use a technique known as ghost loading. Whereby they run the valve grid at an extremely low voltage. This is why most pre amp pedals dont actually work. If you want a good tube emulation pedal, look at something like a Tech21 Sansamp GT2. I use one of these exactly how you want to use one, and they work. They model the tonal charateristics of three major tube amp players. Mesa, Marshall and Fender.

Also a big part of the tube sound comes from more than one tube, pumped into a power amp stage using big tubes. lol. Seriously no tube pre amp will ever truly emulate that. Nor will software. The only thing ive found close is the GT2 sansamp pedal. Thats why I use it. Its also one of the only tube preamp pedals that is actually designed to be run clean, which means it has great sound quality as well.
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i actually have a tube amp, its an orange and i have an od20, but it sounds like a solid when i use it to get a metal distortion. thats why i was thinking of thedemonizer to just give me a brutal gain boost while keeping with the tube dynamics