Hey all

I'm prolly pickin up a new guitar in the next couple weeks, assuming the guitar store still has it, but figured I'd see if i can get a bit more info from you guys

The guitar I've been looking at is the Schecter Hollywood Classic (in black ) and from cruisin around for some reviews and stores online and what not, they sometimes list it as a Diamond Series Hollywood Classic and other times they just list it as the Hollywood Classic. Is there a difference in lines? Or is it just the same thing called by a different name? I've tried to look around online, but there didn't seem to be too much.

Also, if anyone's ever played a Hollywood Classic, or even the C-1 Classic, I'd love to hear any feedback, the good the bad the ugly... Anything online is either 0/10 or 10/10 which are hard to take without a grain of salt i find.

Well, I'm sorry that I can't exactly help you with the C-1, but I've been playing an Omen 7 for a long time now, I think more than a year. It's not a particularly high quality guitar, I mean, it IS their lowest line, but it sounded SOO much better than my "starter" guitar, and has held up in tonal quality without losing tremendous face when compared with my recent purchase of a DK2 Dinky EDS. The guitar parts are pretty high quality, and I never really had any problems with it except that the input jack had to be replaced after about half a year, and that's not even something that will probably happen with a C-1, as the model of Omen I had was somewhat prone to that. If it's what your heart's set on, get it, man. That's the way it works with guitars.
The C-1 Classic is by far my favorite schecter. Some people don't like the stock Seymour Duncan pickups, but they are very versatile and a great set for stock pickups. Some people also hate the vine of life inlay, but i rather like it. They feel and sound great, and if i were ever to buy a schecter, it would be a c-1 classic.

I haven't played the hollywood classic, though. Isn't it very similar to the C-1?
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I haven't played the hollywood classic, though. Isn't it very similar to the C-1?

Very much so. There are very few differences. Just in pickups, fretboard wood (along with inlays), and finish colors. Very minimal changes. The reason the Hollywood Classic is more expensive is that it has Custom Seymour Duncans in it. They sound VERY nice IMO.
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nice, thanks for the feedback so far

i honestly would have the C-1 Classic (in blue ) in my hands now if it wasn't for that Vine of Life inlay. I love the body, always been a fan of quilted maple, and the blue one looks drop dead gorgeous, but the inlay just ruins it for me. I dunno, I really see the appeal of it, but I've always been partial to simple subtle things, which the neck on the Hollywood classic clearly has.

Either way, Thanks for the input and hopefully i'll be able to post pics of this potential purchase soon
I can help with C-1 Classic feedback.

I have one in Antique Amber (discontinued) and I love it. The neck is thinner than a Hellraiser's, and is one of the fastest painted necks i've played yet. It's beautiful and the finish is flawless. About the VOL inlay...i dont mind it. I play using the side dots (if at all) so I never lose myself in the vines. If anything they're an attention grabber, of both musicians and non musicians, which is cool if you like showing off your instruments. The Seymour Duncan JB/'59 set are good stock pups and are very versatile.

Overall its a great guitar, excellent value (especially if you grab it for less than the MSRP).
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
nice, thats exactly what i'm looking for, thanks lefty! I'll still most likely end up goin after the hollywood classic, but the C-1 is still a sweet sweet axe to say the least! would have a tough time to say the least pickin between the two hah just waitin for that perfect guitar where you just know... I played the C-1, in amber i think too, at the Steve's Music here in Ottawa, pretty sweet. buddy of mine was the guitar guy there and it was on layaway, but let me fire it up anyways, and I was really taken by it hah mighta made an offer if it wasn't someone elses!
All I can say is that Schecter is really milking the hell out of the C-1 shape, and for that matter EMG 81TW/89 pickups.
The C-1 shape is like their RG. It comes equipped for all different types of music, may or may not have a trem, and is pretty attractively priced.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
Diamond Series is everything besides custom shops.
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