Poll: Flying V or Explorer?
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Gibson Explorer
45 69%
Gibson Flying V
20 31%
Voters: 65.
I'm planning on getting a new guitar but im stuck between either a Gibson Explorer or a Gibson Flying V?

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thats like a mother picking which child she would kill if she had to!!!!!

.....btw, go with the V =)
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i'mma vote explorer.. thams not as ugly...
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i'd rather have an explorer, black with a white pickguard... mmm

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honestly id rather have a les paul lol
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I'd go with the Explorer, it feels more comfortable to me. I also vote for a new amp, but I can't say much because I have the same one
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Flying V because it's cheaper, lighter, and looks better. You can also get a custom pickguard for it to make it look even better.
if you like slightly heavier guitars(some guitarist do) and play more fast rhythm stuff,and usually play sitting i'd go for the explorer

if you shred more, play standing up often, and prefer something lighter, go for the flying v.

i'd go for the flying v, but that's just my opinion
As much as I hate bandwagons... New Amp Please, it'll be so much better in the long run

but if I had to choose... explorer
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I would say Explorer. I own a V, but I have prefered the Explorers I have played. And I would also advise getting a new amp if you can dude.
I love both The V and Explorer pretty much equally but there is one advantage to the Explorer, it's easier to play while sitting. Both have a similar sound, play and the necks pretty much feel the same depending on the model.

As far as the amp goes I say get the guitar first then go out and try amps with it. I could never buy a new amp without hearing how my guitar sounds thru it. People always love to tell me to get a new amp because I play thru a Line 6 but I have tried a lot of the suggestions I get here and I find the amp is much better then the ones people tell me are better. I have a boat load of different guitars the Line can be tuned to whatever guitar i plug into it and I can manipulate the amp to work well with what ever guitar I use thru it now. I see a lot of people pushing Roland IMO they are the worse I played thru several and they are horrible as far as I am concerned. I had a Marshall MG 100 full stack before I got my Line 6 half stack and I have a Marshall MG 10 for travel and the Marshall Solid state amps fail horribly compared to other older Marshall amps I have owned.

For all I know you could get the guitar home and love the way it sounds thru your amp. It's all up to what you like and are used to.

Quick question are you planning on buying the guitar that gets the most votes? Also spend more money on new amp and less on new guitar.
i used to want an explorer so bad and I finally got one.....and I hated it.

go with the V if you had to get one, but i wouldnt get either.

and get a new amp. no sense playing a $1400 guitar through a $200 amp. its still gonna sound like poo
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I vote V because the look cooler because they look cooler, they are both pretty comfortable for me. But take the money and get a new amp.
explorer morning noon and night... that said flying vs are very sexy guitars aswell
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I say get a new amp first, no sense of playing a guitar that cost over $1,000 through a $200 marshall mg, the tone will still sound horrible.
amp please? If you're willing to spend at least $1500 on a new guitar, that can easily get you a high-end amp (especially if find one used, then you have more money for other stuff.) or split your budget half and half. $750 for an amp and $750 for a guitar. you can get two mid-range items easy (or, as said before, look used for high-end stuff for cheeper).
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