So, if I earn straight a's this semester, my mom offered to help me buy an amp. I want to get an Engl Fireball [new 100watt version], but what cab should I go with?

I was thinking about an Avatar 4x12, if its closed back, or an Engl Standard 4x12, but I definitely would prefer not to spend an extra $1000 on a Cab. I would also be interested to hear thoughts on Vader cabs.

EDIT: I know lots of times people ask what kind of music you play/influences and stuff. So, a few of my biggest influences are: Artefact, Drudkh, Irrwisch, Insomnium, Death, Opeth, Wes Montgomery, Al Dimeola, and Jason Becker.
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Try looking at Vader cabs. rather cheap?( a bit more han avatar) but better construction and a tighter sound. the 2x12 is 240 watts
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Depends on the Avatar in particular. Generally, I'd just make sure it has some Celestion V30's for the modern midrange edge you are looking for, and definitely make sure it is closed backed. Beyond that, I like Avatars
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Vader cabs are what I use with my engl
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^ Yeah, I dont want a Mesa. From what I've looked into, Mesa's are too expensive anyway.

I just want whatever will have the best, clearest sound with the Engl.
I recommend a Vader or Basson cabinet. I don't really like Vintage 30's mixed with my Fireball. I've played it through a Marshall 1960 and through a Mesa 2x12, both with Vintage 30's, and did not care for it at all.

Of course, it's all up to personal taste.
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want a serious cabinet? i found not too long ago that a custom cabinet is really quite affordable and attainable. from now on out, i am out of the 'large manufacturer' market for cabinets, the rest of mine will be custom, as quality and customizability are greatly increased. for your application i would recommend a closed back design with a thick birch ply. once again i will give my opinion that a 4x12 is a bit much for my applications, and a 2x12 will do just fine, but go for it if you want it.


mather is very competitively priced for a custom cab, he will build to spec. if not then just go with avatar or something. but the bottom line is, voidless birch is voidless birch. there isn't a ton of companies making it or countries producing it, all the marine grad birch comes pretty much from the same area. so the only thing that really distinguishes producers of cabinets are design and construction, and everybody is pretty much in the know on that too. so a company would just have to not give a crap and ignore industry standards if they make a bad cabinet.

for speakers, i would either recommend a set of celestion G12K-100's or a set of weber speakers. the G12K's because they handle low end, volume and distortion without a problem and still provide a solid, if sterile, clean(sounds like you are into metal and jazz). personally, i went with a classic british sound via weber: 1 alnico blue dog and 1 ceramic silver bell. the mix of alnico and ceramic is great, gives much charecter to the tone. also the webers are just fantastically made. i am a very happy weber owner. btw, i went with an orange ppc212 myself, cuz it was the bigges 2x12 cab i could get(more low end), it only has 2 speakers(cheaper to get replacements and easier to move) and orange cab are sexy.

edit: i have to agree with avoiding V30's. i ran them in the ppc212 for a couple of years. i don't hate them or anything, but i feel you can do much better
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