Very funky intro, I like it. The crash cymbal is a bit loud though.
22 is really where it starts picking up.
I'm loving the octave parts except where it gets too dissonant with the rhythm guitar.
This is very PTH sounding (which I'm sure you'll like hearing, seeing as your sig is from Bone Marrow)
63 = fantastic riff
81 is also great. The bass sounds fantastic here
Nice clean section
Amazing harmonies after
104 is kinda meh
Really don't like the breakdown at the end though

Overall it's a great song 9.8/10
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Overall i really like this song.
The drums are absolutely wonderful all the way through.
The acoustic break at 90 - 97 really adds color to the entire score.
and the unison from 81 - 89 is really bad ass in that you get that occasional reflecting tone.

where i think this song is weak
the riff in 69 - 73 just does not really work with me, its a little too meandering. And i dont feel it goes anywhere.
And the i feel that the break down at the end is too dark for this song.

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The whole song was sweet as **** and very protest the hero. Especially when you break from the typical harmony in 3rds with those deliciously nasty diminished chords. I love it. To be honest though, I'm not digging the very first riff at all. Idk, something about it feels wrong for this song in my opinion. Especially when the bass starts doing something similar to it at bar 82. I feel like the bass should be tighter with the rhythm there. But to be perfectly honest thats just personal taste, and I'm really just nitpicking. It's a good song. Good job.

And I have to disagree about the breakdown at the end. I mean, in a 'real song' sense, its something that would really give it that final umph. It's that ending that people would remember it by and the ending that would completely set people off at shows. Especially with this style of music.
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Well, I'm very glad it's sound similar to Protest The Hero, since they're my favorite band and a lot of my inspiration comes from them, especially that 98-103 riff, which I heavily based off a riff from Blindfolds Aside.

And I'm not too keen on the 104 section, but I didn't know what else to do there. And I wasn't really happy with the breakdown ending to begin with, but now that I've heard it and played it a couple times, I actually do like it a lot.

But thanks a lot for the crits, guys.
The intro is OK, but it didn't really catch my attention THAT well... Riff at bar 12 is cool, and gets cooler at bar 16.

I can totally sense the PtH influence at bar 28. That part was pretty cool as well...

36 was unexpected, so it was very good. I liked the transition back into the riff it was playing before. Before this, this song was just kinda "OK," but nothing really note-worthy Bar 36 made it more interesting.

Riff at bar 51 was once again, just cool. HOWEVER, in bar 54, when the rhythm plays 1 on the low E, it pretty much makes that section.

Bar 63 was kinda boring to me... And so was the next dissonant part, but bar 74 was awesome

Good thing that riff at 76 didn't last too long, I'm not really a fan of it. The next part however, was AWESOME. Then the clean made it even better...

The rest of the song just kinda passed by as background music as I was typing this Ending of bar 116 was cool.

yeah, that's just my personal opinion on it. Eh... 7/10.