Ive been playing for about 1.5 years and i think its time to get a new electric seeing as my current one slowly decaying into piece of ****. so i was wondering what guitar i should get with a budget of around 700-900$ Canadian. I play metal anything from Judas Priest to Exhumed and am currently in a death metal band. so i want a real metal guitar. Preferably an esp,jackson or cort with 24 frets a floyd rose tremolo bar that stays in tune as well as emg pickups or seymour duncans. prefered shapes are the strat sorta but with the sharp edges or flying v. thanks in advance
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esp m-series are nice. if you want something different, the f-series has a cool shap and I think, two of them have a thru-neck design. The f-series uses emgs as well, or I'm pretty sure they do.
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Try to find a used LTD jeff hanneman but one of the older models with an original floyd rose not the current model with that kahler sh*t.
It's got 24 frets.
super strat shape.
ebony fret board.
original floyd
emg 81 85
neck thru
black paint
locking nut
and sprezel tuners (i think)
meh...metal again.
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Jackson DK2 Dinky. Real Dunks and a great licensed FR.
My local Guitar Center has them priced at $399 USD.
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