I tried searching for a thread, but nothing really came up.

This year I got into the school's Jazz Band. I'm loving it, but I don't think I'm getting the right sounds at the moment. Currently, I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I'm not feeling the jazzy kinda sound that I want, and I like my Epi for things outside of Jazz Band, so I don't really want to change the pickups in that.

I've been GASing for a hollow/semi-hollow guitar for ages now, and now I kinda have a reason to get one.

Being in NZ, we get **** prices for just about everything guitar related. Hell, I even buy my strings online from America. An Epiphone Dot here costs a grand, and that's money I do not have.

I found the XV-900 on GuitarFetish, and I'm in love. I can't really try it out here, there are barely any people that have them here. If I were to get it, I'd probably swap out the neck pickup for a GFS Mean 90 to cover the P90 bit of my GAS.

That would come to about $800NZD, which I'd be happy with. That includes the P90 and a hard case, which is much more than what I'd get with the Epi.

Does anyone have any experience with the XV-900 that they could share with me? Or the Mean 90? Or any objections.
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anyhoo, they are pretty decent for the price and you should be happy when you do the pup swap...the only thing to worry about is shipping especially with a hollowbody, get it witha hard case to keep it safe

have u thought about an ibanez semihollow? My mate has one and he got it for 700AUS brand new and its a really really good guitar.
I'll second the Ibanez suggestion. I used to have a semi-hollow Ibanez with a bigsby-style trem. It's the only guitar I really regret getting rid of.
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