I've been thinking about getting an ESP LTD EC-1000, but I'm not sure which pickup combination would suit me better. Click for sexy.
The choices are either EMG 60/81 or Seymour Duncan JB/59.

I love Slash's stuff as well as Avenged Sevenfold, but I also like punk-rock/pop-punk rock too. I also like to play a little Hendrix and Clapton every now and then. Right now, I have the punk/pop rock and blues (somewhat) covered with an Ibanez Artcore, but if I can get versatility out of the guitar, that would be nice. But more than anything I want to nail that Slash/ A7X sound and get nice pinch harmonics.

I have a Blackheart Little Giant halfstack and an MXR Distortion III pedal as well as a cheap Korg multieffects that I can use for high gain distortion.

Also, if there's another guitar you guys think might be better/worth looking at don't hesitate to say so. Before it was a tossup between this and a Gibson LP Studio, but this seems like a much more solid guitar.

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You won't get a Slash sound with active EMG's. Go for the Duncans. Pinch harmonics are a matter of technique anyway.
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Pinch harmonics are definitely a matter of technique, but when I do them on my Artcore they sound weak. When I did them on my friend's Dean (which had EMG's as well), it sounded much better. That was one reason I was leaning towards the EMGs.
But I've noticed both Slash's and Synyster's signature guitars have Duncans, and I've also heard Duncans for this are tonally more versatile in a "jack of all trades, master of none" kind of way, which made me skeptical.
This EMG configuration is also used by Kirk Hammett and heard it was great for metal/hard rock. Only downside is they don't clean up as well, but I have the Artcore for that (which is a hollow-body.)
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See if you can try both on an amp similar to yours. Whichever one you feel you can get the most out of go with that pickup but yeah the SD are great pickups that would be able to do nicely for what you want.
Seymour Duncans man, you wont be able to get that Slash tone with the EMG's. Plus the Duncans are much more versatile. I would only get the EMG's if I was in a metal band.
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Alright then. It seems the general consensus is go with the Duncans.
If I get a chance to though, I will definitely try them out.
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id definately go with the duncans. you can get awesome distortion out of the duncans, but unlike the EMGs they can play almost any type of music; cleans, blues, rock...
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