So iv been playing guitar for a number of years now and im in a punk/rock/funk band and things are really good.I don't go to school i stay in my mates gaage and play guitar allday and listen to records.My favorite guitarists are Hendrix-i love all of his stuff. Frusciante and Slovak-These two guys are my idles i love all of their stuff.I can play most chili peppers,including their earlier stuf and their later stuff.I can also play a bit of hendrix.

My Question is that i have now reached a point were playing covers is getting kind of tedious and annoying and i now want to start making my own stuff, i would like to know what type of chords to use for Froosh/Hendrix style playing,i would also like to know what scales to use when soloing. I have tried studying their stuff but im stuck.

If you have anymore tips,they are all apreciated.

Thanks Guys and Girls
I'd hit the theory a bit. Nothing crazy, just the major scale and all it's modes, and study the circle of 5ths. Since you've already learned a bunch of covers, this will give you a great point of reference - you know the "ah, that's what scale he's using" moments.

I found this little artice,and its about the Em Pentatonic scale everywere on the kneck and it shows all the notes in that scale for soloing.

But what i want to know is that are those positons the same for all pentatonic minor scales.Do i need to know these off by heart? Are they different in different keys in all the different types of scales??

I need somebody to explain what to learn and to gve me some links thanks!