Okayy.. For a while now, I've been playing a Yamaha F36SA, and i've even added a Fishman Rare Earth PUP on it.

But NOWWW.. its time for a change ;D
I want to spend aroundddd roughly £500.
I'd like an electro acousticc with a cutaway so i can reach the higher frets.
Not too bothered about the colourrr. As long as it's nice

Any help?
Ovation are amazing, check musician's friend to find something that would suit your budget
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^ Beat me to it! Both the brand recommendation and the extended last letter!

Now then....I'm personally not a fan of Ovations. They sound like crap IMO.

As said before though, check Takamine, as well as Seagull, Epiphone, Yamaha, Washburn, and Alvarez just to give you an idea. Stay away from Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, Dean....with the exception of Gibson/Epiphone and PRS (their acoustics are very high $$$ though so don't even imagine you'll be looking at them), if they're known for their electrics, then don't bother with their acoustics.
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Ovations are lovely if you can manage the shape. People ate telling me Parkwood are amazing with a choice of woods for back and sides, and Solid Sitka tops.
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