So I've just bought an Epi LP custom off my mate, for 240 AUD. Considering he bought it (and the hard case) for about 1100, and that it's in very good nick, I'd say it's a pretty neat steal.

So I've given it a massive clean-up, treated the fretboard as it was all gunky, re-strung it, lowered the action and intonated it. Now whenever I strum, I can hear a fairly audible buzz coming from the bridge. For the life of me, I haven't been able to isolate which part is shaking due to the string vibration.

Any suggestions to fix this buzz? I don't know if it shines through to the amplifier; it's kind of late at the moment and I don't want to wake up my family.
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Maybe the action is too low.
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I've checked, and all the noise is coming from the bridge, so it's not fret buzz.

How would low action contribute to this noise?

EDIT: Raised the bridge considerably; the noise is still there.
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Double post for /thread.

Okay, figured out what the problem is. Turned out the length of wire running along the pickup side of the bridge wasn't touching all the screws for the saddles, so multiple screws were vibrating. I just had to bend the wire slightly to make sure it touched all the saddle screws, as to stop them from vibrating.

Phew, was getting a little worried for a second. Ah well. All fixed.