Yesterday I changed out my strings, and put on a set of Dunlop Trujillo strings. When Is started playing I noticed horrible fret buzz all over the neck. The strings are the same gauge as my previous DR strings. I even tried raising the action and that didn't help. I am thinking about just trashing these and getting another set of DR's.

Has anyone ever used the Truillio strings or any Dunlop bass strings before and ever run into this problem?
maybe you needs your neck adjusted, look down at it from the headstock and see if there is a noticible bow
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hey, don't give up on those strings! I love them on my 5 string!! Your problem might be that they are taper wound ( they get smaller at the ball end). They may be the same gauge over the pickups and neck, but not the bridge saddle. I had the same problem at first too. All I did was adjust not only bridge height, but also the truss rod. A little more relief (curve) in the neck, minor tweaks at a time. If you are in standard tuning it will help, down tuneing will cause more floppyness.
I hope this helps.