Hi all I am fairly new here and just came across this part of the forum today and have heard some wonderfull tabs. I thought I would share with you my first completed composition and see if I can get any feedback :O
This tab is fairly long, and I'm not quite sure of the exact genre of the song.
I hope you enjoy it ^.^

EDIT: Very sorry, must have misclicked Re-uploaded.
The Dimensionless Parameter.zip
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Dude I must say I really liked it, although the second half of the song is way more interesting.

Overall I'd give it a 9/10, keep doing what yer doing.
Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you liked it Heh yes, I thought people would favour either half of the song
Wow are you sure this was your first song? It sounds like you've got much more experience than you say you do haha.

But seriously that was great. I could definitely hear the Opeth influence, but you maintained your individuality, which was good.

I liked the stuttering rhythms throughout the first few verses. The polymeters worked very well during Verse II. It was also nice to see someone who put a little effort in the bass part.

The clean part was my absolute favorite part of the whole song. I like the chords you put over the melodies. It gave it a nice eerie feel. The solos were both great. Nothing really wrong that stood out. My ONLY gripe, which is really just nitpicking, is that you put a rallantando in before the Outro. The tempo change seemed too sudden for me.

Overall, great job
I love this genre sooo...

I must say that this feels very fresh. Main theme is catchy, and verse is alright.
The break is a great common time felt segment with a great melody.
Verse II is much better than the first.
Great changing up of the main theme.
And your verses just keep getting better and better.
The guitar solo is appropriate, just mildy shred-less for the genre, though I personally don't think that is a bad thing.
Clean break is very sweet and re-entry is very smooth and well thought out.
Verse IV is absolutely excellent.
To keep from repeating myself, the song just gets better and better.
I merely which I had more constructive to say, very professionally written piece.

Haha yes I guess "my first song" was slightly misleading. I've had around 2 years of noodling in Guitar Pro before this - but this IS the first thing I have managed to take past the 2:00 mark without getting stuck and not liking it anymore. I find it very hard to write a song, rather than a cool riff. Thankfully this one just kept writing itself and there was not a single point where I wondered what to do next ^^

Thanks a lot for all the other feedback, it means a lot to me
Though, Progbass92, did you mean DIDN'T PUT?
"is that you put a rallantando in before the Outro. The tempo change seemed too sudden for me."

Indeed this was a transition I found really damn hard to keep smooth. I tried to put in a rallantando but didn't like it at the time. Perhaps I will try again. However I have just noticed something I didn't notice before - Guitar Pro seems to have a problem at that point with the tempo change from 150 to 80, and I think I found a way around it by moving the 80 marker on the drums forward one note, and changing the old one to a 70, so that the tempo is 70 for a very small amount of time. I re-uploaded this, as it seems to work a lot better (Though it may just be my Guitar Pro). I guess this tempo change depends how fast you tap each part of the song. I'd tap "Fill" in crotchets and "Outro" in quavers, so for me there isn't that much change in tempo at all. It's just the different feel which is offputting.

About the solo, ExplorerFreak. Haha yes they are rather shred-less - I am not much of a shredder xD That last sweep and run is pretty much the limit of my playing at the moment :P
Thanks again for your posts and I'm glad you enjoyed the song
I am going to comment on all of yours tabs ASAP
I actually really like this song a lot. My only vice is that the first solo doesn't seem to fit very well, and I'm not too keen on the transition from the fill to the outro. Though, I like the fill very much. That was almost the best part of the song, besides the clean break into the fourth verse. I don't know, overall it was just very enjoyable.
Going step by step on this one:

Main theme was very, very nice, cool rhythm but the harmony was the best part of it. The first 2 verses were ok (folks before me mentioned the polyrhythm and stuttering stuff, nice) but didn't really get my attention, were kinda "dry", does that make sense? Well I suppose someone would be singing over it right?

Then a 2nd rendition of main riff, this time 4/4 all over. I understand the variation, but honestly I like the first one better.

I liked Verse 3 better than the first two, really nice bass on that part (in fact bass/drums are well above average in the whole song).

Guitar solo 1... well at least it isn't just senseless shred like most of them here. Can't say I went all "wow" on it though. But it was ok.

The best part of the whole song is definitely the stuff from clean break to interlude. So atmospheric, it's probably the part with the most intense "feeling" of them all. The 2nd guitar solo is very good, especially the unexpected bluesy beginning. The 5/4 - 4/4 interplay in the interlude works very well, but strangely begins to feel forced in verse 4. Not sure why, but the distorted riff sounds worse rhytmically than the previous clean one.

Guitar solo 3 is, again, pretty good, but I think you should change the G notes to G# to fit the F#m scale (the solo guitar's G's clash with the G# played by the band). Bonus points for the chromatic bar 139.

Verse 5 is good, and so is breakdown, with the rhythm change. Nothing to point out here. Weird fill though xD - but good.

Outro and especially "beginfade" felt really epic, very fittingly ending the song. If this was your first full composition, sounds like you waited for too long to do one...
Solid work, and a couple of really good parts. Rating 8/10 (I'm purposefully harsh on prog songs... xD)
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Digging the intro. Very heavy but melodic and satisfyingly technical without being boring or wankily (?) ridiculous.

Verse 1 reminds me of Nevermore. No, hang on, this whole piece has a very heavy dark Nevermore vibe to it and I dig it. I can also hear some Dream Theater influence here, maybe some Pain of Salvation. Whatever, it's dark, heavy, melodic, and technical.

I like the bass as a lead in the third verse, very interesting but still not wacky or ridiculous. I do, however, have a problem with the solo. It's kind of boring, but if you throw a triplet or two, or maybe do like the clean solo where it's either super melodic or a shred-fest. Speaking of that clean solo, that's much better.

Whoa, that interlude sounds scarily like a part of As I Am. The heavy bit afterward goes back to that dark style of before, and even throws in some very epic/Classical sounding intervals before kicking into that very cool solo. Has a great climax, and doesn't overstay its welcome before going back to those intervals.

The outro was okay, nothing ridiculously inspiring. Had a nice lead bit though.

9/10. Very dark, heavy, melodic, and just good man.

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So, that was goddamn ridiculously awesome. No complaints, it was all awesome. Like Slay said, ridiculously heavy, dark, and just awesome.