Hey, this is more me looking confirmation than actually asking you guys a questions and sorry if this ends as a wall of text

From my theory i know triads are 3 note chords, however just a small flaw i see in guitar pro in the chord bank is that the Diminished chord is the only one which they don't show as a triad. The others are correct.

Maj: 1,3,5
Min: 1b3,5
Aug: 1,3,#5

The diminished however is shown as: 1,b3,b5,bb7 and if you attempt to make it a diminished triad aka 1,b3,b5 they come up with the chord _m/5- (which is of course correct, but not in its simplest term, which is usually what we guys look for...right?)

So basically is this a flaw in guitar pro that they haven't programmed a Diminished triad chord into the chord bank?

And also maybe if i missed something would anyone know a reason why they chose to ignore the triad and go for the Dim7 as the standard?

Another flaw i see is in the extension of the Dim and Aug chords. They are the only chords that guitar pro doesn't seem to allow you to extend to 9,11,13. So because of this i was slightly questioning whether they were possible, because from what i learnt a Dim13 or Aug 13 chord would look like this:

Dim13: 1,b3,b5,bb7,9,11,13
Aug13: 1,3,#5,b7,9,11,13

So are these extensions correct? and is guitar pro again just flawed in that sense that these chords have not been added?

also i know these chords are rare. I just want to know that my theory is correct, as if i was listening to guitar pro i could have picked up a habit of saying "Dim13 chords are impossible)

Thanks to anyone that can help me out with reasons or confirmation on what i said. It will be greatly appreciated.
Post a tl;dr bit please and I'll check it out
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To be honest i don't want to write a tl;dr as i thought Musicians Talk would be the one place with an attention span of more than 3 lines.

I tried to write as detailed a post i could so it would make anyone with the knowledge to answer easier to understand what i said. If that means i get 0 replies then i don't really care, ill find the answer some other way somehow.
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To be honest i don't want to write a tl;dr as i thought Musicians Talk would be the one place with an attention span of more than 3 lines.

If only that were true...
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aug and dim7 are symmetrical chords so if you tried to extend the you would end up with the same notes but higher, of course you can add other intervals to it but they're not that common so guitar pro surely wont have them.
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