So i'm gasing for a new amp, tube amp with great british cleans and british crunch, right now the AC15 is what i want but is a little over my buget (750-850 USD)

Note that i don't live in the US or UK, so thomann.de might be my best bet (or any other company that ships to Istanbul)

For tone i'm looking for something like:
Great bright cleans (i love treble and i prefer bright cleans over warm cleans)
Crunch (this is the most important, i want it to be able to do some ACDC and Aerosmith.
I don't really need high gain or distortion.
British voicing
15 watt plus tube only by the way.
No i can't go used because the used here in local shops are 2x the price of new in the US and all.
I think 15 watts plus is ok for giging, since i will use a PA when i gig.
I don't really care if it takes pedals well, since i don't use pedals much.

All i want is for UG to give me some suggestions and names i should look up and all, no i do not play metal.
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Id check out Vox if I were you. Seems to be what you're looking for.
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i second the AC15. its going to be perfect for what your sound. also, 15 watts is a good amount for both playing shows and playing at home. you're already on the right track

Also dont worry about spending the extra $300 on the AC15 with the Alnico blue speaker. The regular speaker that it comes with is great and I actually preferred the original over the blue.

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