Couple of things for sale to try and fund a new motor!

First up, Sony PS2 slimline and 11 games. Comes with everything to plug and play and all in great condition. Have a look at the pics for the games that come with.
Looking for £55 posted but open to offers!


Up next is a mighty fine peice of kit! My Sony RCD W100s.

Good bit of kit this, can record from cd to cd, text entry for recordings, text display when playing mp3 cd's, all sorts f magical stuff! Comes with remote control and manual. Superb condition apart from the odd mark on top of the metal housing.
Looking for around £155 Posted (bear in mind new they are around £230) again open to offers.

Also selling my Samsung DVD HD870 dvd player. This has upscaling technology that allows normal DVD's to be played on HD tvs and look very close to HD quality.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-DVD-...0O12242Looking for about £45 posted or offers.

Cheers people