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Guitar - Jackson DXMG Dinky
Amp - Amplitube Metal (Plugin)
Software - Sonoma Riffworks T4

Critiques are appreciated
Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001
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your song is kind of a mixed bag as far as quality. most of the heavy riffs sounded good and were well played. the clean breaks didn't work very well and were often a little sloppy playing wise. the sound at the beginning is really grating and i almost turned off the song because i really hated that. some of your lead tones were a little to odd for my tastes as well. some editing would help the song it ges on to long without really going anywhere. perhaps a rework that is a little more cohesive would result in an excellent song. i didn't really hear any bass so i assume you did put any in. my stuff is in my profile.
I have to go with what the others said except, I knoticed that your guitar was slightly out of tune, I think it was the b and g that was off, and you need to work on your bar chords, a few of the strings got muted, but dont worry about that, happens to me sometimes. Good work though, its good composing just needs some work.
Get rid of that whistle thing or whatever is going on in the beginning. Make your transitions into the clean better. I see what you're trying to do, and you're almost there, just needs some polish.

Agreed on the hard riffs being badass. Also I like the solo, but not the little run from like 3:42-3:47

It reminds me of a Metallica song, which is not a bad thing considering theyre my all time favorite band :]

This song has good potential but isn't quite there yet.