...I only had 5 minutes before the guitar shop closed but it seems like a nice little amp. I think they're only just out. The prices are quite good too, as the 5w is only £129 and the 10w is £169 or something. The 5w has a volume and tone control, and the 10w has a volume, gain and tone. Got some nice sounds out of it from a Spalted Maple Telecaster. Nice mid-Atlantic tones too, due to it being 6v6 powered. There's plenty of gain too, not br00talz or HT-5 gain, but more than from a Valve Junior. It's a nice enough amp but the store I tried it in has clinically low ambient noise and you feel like a hooligan playing at over 2 so it's hard to say how the 10w (which I tried) would suit apartment playing, which is what I need. It's a good deal though, considering the features. You get a halfway decent Celestion speaker with it too.

I'm going to have to try out my own guitar with it though, and I think I still liked my AC-4 better, probably because of the wattage selector though...



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