Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:
-Korean-made Ibanez RG370DX guitar. I bought this new about four years ago, and it's still in very nice condition. No scratches or dings that I can find. It's seen a few gigs and quite a few band practices, otherwise played at home.
-Trem bar and allen wrenches all included
-ebay - repoman89 (79+ at 100%)
--heatware - http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=46578 (feedback for forum sales)
-$275 shipped, make me offers

This has been a great guitar for me. The bridge has very rarely been used with the whammy bar, I've treated it as a fixed bridge so it's in great condition. Set up perfectly for 10-46 gauge strings.
No case, I have one but it will be used for my new 7 string RG. This guitar will ship in a specially crafted Ibanez cardboard box
Wow, cool guitar. I would buy it but, Blue isn't my color for guitars ^_^! But, yeah... Idc >_>! Can I get it for 250.00?
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